Elyss Coffee Mug Warmer with 3 Settings
Elyss Coffee Mug Warmer with 3 Settings

Elyss thermos cup holder (with 3 settings), desktop thermos cup holder, automatic thermos cup holder, heating water, tea and milk, electric hot plate for drinks

Have you spent a lot of time reheating your drinks so they don't cool down too quickly?
again and again? Or should you drink cold water because there is no hand warmer nearby?

The Elyss vacuum flask is definitely a great companion and helper for your drinking life!
Always keep the cup at the desired temperature before enjoying a hot cup of coffee
Throughout the day, you don't have to worry about drinking cold coffee because you are busy or interested in housework.

The automatic shutdown function provides more safety and can avoid the risk of forgetting to stop.
The surface of the heater is made of waterproof and wear-resistant glass, which is easy to clean and durable.
It is a safe, convenient and reliable coffee warmer for daily use that has a heating ring, power lamp, and a fast heating low power stove of 20 watts.

how to use

1 Place the heating pad on a flat table and connect the power cord to the electrical outlet.
At the same time, the green light flashes three times to end the process and then goes into the standby mode.
2- Place the mug on the floor. The corresponding indicator lamp lights up in the cup heater by default
From the first timer on (green), the heater heats up automatically so that you can press the buttons individually
Depending on the heating requirements, the first shift to 2nd gear (blue) and then 3rd gear (red).

Elyss Coffee Mug Warmer with 3 Settings
Elyss Coffee Mug Warmer with 3 Settings

  •  ❤ [Durable and safe gift mug heating element with high quality PTC 20W material with low energy consumption can heat up quickly and maintain very stable working performance because PI membrane heating elements with excellent thermal conductivity combine high-tech and overheat resistance with FCC / In along with use UL Transformers, the waterproof panel design does not pose any accidental overrun hazards for safety reasons.
  • ❤ Keep the best warm temperature suitable for most types of mugs. We recommend using glass or other flat bottom mugs for better thermal insulation. The longer the heating time, the hotter the drink. Cover the cup with the lid. When you put it on the mug, the heat is retained and the suction flask can keep the temperature of the drink for a long time.
  • ❤ 【Intelligent automatic induction switch Simply put the coffee cup on the hot plate, the cup heating works automatically by induction of gravity. When removing the mug from the mug, there is no need to manually open / close the mug. The heater automatically turns off the heating function, so you can comfortably drink hot drinks all day long.
  • ❤ [Three adjustable temperature settings] Our suction flask not only can heat beverages (coffee, milk, tea, etc.), but also can keep hot beverages at an ideal heating temperature all day long. The heating starts automatically at the first speed (green, 118/48) so that you can press the button for the second speed (blue, 131/55) one by one according to different heating requirements. Then press the third gear (red, 149/65).
  • ❤ Life assistant, choose the perfect gift] Useful daily assistant in home, bedroom, office, office, office, bedside table and anywhere else, you can have water, coffee, milk, tea and soup anytime and anywhere; This hot heater can use wax or wax in the heat. The elegant design and practical features make this product an ideal gift for husbands, lovers, co-workers and parents on birthdays, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Holidays, Halloween, Christmas and other special occasions.

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