GIVENEU Electric Burr Mill Coffee Bean Grinder
GIVENEU Electric Burr Mill Coffee Bean Grinder

Conical coffee grinder, GIVENEU electric coffee grinder with 31 grind settings for espresso, filter coffee, French press and fine coffee, perfect coffee grinder for home and office

 A good cup of coffee starts with a good grinder

A cup of coffee in the morning can keep you comfortable throughout the day. The freshness of the coffee beans is the most important factor in a good cup of coffee.

The conical burr coffee grinder grinds the coffee beans before grinding each batch to ensure a fresh taste. It can produce very evenly ground coffee and can be used with all types of coffee including premium espresso, medium brewing, coarse cold brewing and French press.

Digital control panel

This coffee grinder features a digital control that allows you to easily select the number of cups and serving with the coffee machine. You can choose from 1 to 10 cups and a serving can last up to 25 seconds.

Strong conical blade

If the coffee beans are broken into pieces by two metal or plastic objects, the conical grinder works like a pepper grinder. The grind size can be precisely controlled and the result is very even, which contributes to a more complete and balanced taste.

31 fine tuning

Our grinder provides 31 grinding settings for different types of coffee. This is one of the most precise grinding settings on the market. The resulting coffee powder can be used for espresso, cold coffee and all types of intermediate coffees.

Suitable container

The hopper can hold up to 0.6 pounds of coffee beans. The lower container holds 100 liters

GIVENEU Electric Burr Mill Coffee Bean Grinder
GIVENEU Electric Burr Mill Coffee Bean Grinder

  •  [31 grinding systems] Thanks to the ultra-stable grinding system, GIVENEU conical coffee grinder offers up to 31 grinding settings, from coarse coffee to espresso to fine Turkish. It regularly ensures that the coffee beans are not overheated and that the natural aroma and taste are preserved. You can choose between espresso, filter coffee and coffee maker!
  • [Variable cup selection] The coffee grinder can serve 1 to 10 cups of ground coffee, and the serving ranges from 1 to 25 seconds. By simplifying with one click of the control panel, you can prepare a cup for one side or a cup for multiple ends. Just fulfill all your service needs.
  • [Large Capacity for Daily Use] This coffee grinder contains a detachable 10 ounce bean bowl and a 3.5 ounce grinder plate, which is enough for daily use and can keep harmful UV rays away from the beans. Delicious coffee, which means your coffee stays fresh longer.
  • [Digital Control Panel] With the control panel, you can easily set the start / stop and mug selection and time. Enjoy your coffee time with GIVENEU coffee grinder!
  • [High Quality and Longevity] This electric coffee grinder is small and of high quality. GIVENEU offers 365 days of warranty replacement and 24/7 customer service. Buy With Confidence! If there is a problem with the product, please contact us so we can help you!

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