Grindzilla Stainless- Steel and Glass Manual Coffee Grinder
Grindzilla Stainless- Steel and Glass Manual Coffee Grinder

Grindzilla Manual Coffee Grinder - Manual grinder made of stainless steel and food grade glass with adjustable ceramic blades that can be used to grind whole coffee beans as desired in 5 settings

If you like the best things in coffee ...

They know you have to grind the beans yourself. Freshly ground coffee plays a major role in flavoring your last cup of coffee, so you can use a manual grinder to achieve the perfect grinding effect every time.
No matter which brewing method you use, whether it is the French brewing method, pouring or drip, you should be able to adjust the degree of grinding of the coffee for the best results. You won't keep your promise of a medium cup of ground coffee and a plump cup of coffee.

Grinding coffee has never been easier

After all, regardless of time and place, you can have your dream coffee.
We bring you a low-quality, high-quality 0.7 oz technology. Coffee grinder with coffee bean capacity - a full cup enriched with the exact size of your favorite drink.
It measures 7.5cm in height and 2.4cm in diameter, and it is light in weight and can be used at home, in the office or on the street. You can even enjoy a little luxury while camping in the great outdoors.
This robust coffee grinder is made of stainless steel and PP glass plastic, which means preserving the taste and aroma of coffee for a long time.

Grindzilla Stainless- Steel and Glass Manual Coffee Grinder
Grindzilla Stainless- Steel and Glass Manual Coffee Grinder

  •  The capsules didn't help you, are there problems right away? We offer you a manual coffee grinder without nuts and bolts. Just install the handle and you can make your favorite coffee blend in minutes without using expensive coffee makers. This convenient and easy-to-use manual coffee grinder has been slightly modified. You can choose from 5 mill settings for rough, medium and fine floors.
  • PERFECT PLEASURE EVERY TIME - If you're going out and desperately looking for a decent cup of coffee, we've got the answer for you here. The mini manual coffee grinder is only 8 inches long and has a detachable handle that can easily fit in your travel bag, backpack, or briefcase. With this lightweight and portable coffee grinder, you can enjoy the aroma and freshness of espresso anywhere.
  • HIGH-QUALITY GRINDER MECHANISM - Fine grinding is everything and the ultimate goal for perfectly ground coffee is to offer you the best. This is a portable manual coffee grinder with a cup that can hold 20 grams of coffee beans. No guesswork - just add the exact number of beans to suit your taste, grind and drink your coffee, and you're good to go next time.
  • Compactable by default - the entire device is made of premium quality materials and extremely durable - yes, even the glass base. It can operate without batteries, electricity or WiFi and is very quiet. The coffee is always easy to clean. The only downside is that this smell can appeal to some coffee addicts who are looking for a quick fix.
  • GREAT GIFT - If your lover goes to the office or home a lot or needs delicious coffee, he will fall in love with this very personal gift. It's the perfect Christmas, Christmas, Valentine's Day "only because I know you'll fall in love with him" or Christmas gifts. It is a great Christmas storage tool. Buy now and enjoy freshly ground coffee anytime, anywhere.

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