Grocery Art Coffee Grinder Electric
Grocery Art Coffee Grinder Electric

Grocery Art Electric coffee grinder - mini pressure knife grinder with automatic one-touch grinder for whole coffee beans, spices, herbs and nuts

"Fresh, whole beans are the key to a delicious cup of coffee."

The # 1 coffee grinder is high performance and can be used as a herb grinder.
Tobacco mills, electric pepper grinders, and even grinders for cooking.

👉 Helpful Tips:
Shorter sanding time can be used for coarse sanding, while a very smooth surface can be used for longer sanding time.
Grinding the beans with a grinder will fill the mug with the latest flavors!
Uneven floor - 8 seconds - suitable for French media
Medium size bowl mocha 15 seconds
Soft bottom - 20 seconds - suitable for AeroPress coffee machine
💎💎💎💎 Super smooth - 25 seconds - suitable for espresso machines.

👉 Using the coffee grinder: 1. Place the electric coffee grinder on the table or desk and connect it to the electrical outlet.
2. Wipe off the charcoal cartridge before use when changing the spice / herb.
3. Place whole coffee beans, nuts, herbs, or salt over the dome.
4. Attach the top to the back and secure the coffee grinder in place.
5. Press and hold the Easy Touch button until the desired grind is reached.
6. Release the button, unscrew the cap, and dispense coffee if needed.

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Grocery Art Coffee Grinder Electric
Grocery Art Coffee Grinder Electric

  •  Electric Coffee Grinder # 1: Simply press the button to bring your whole coffee beans to perfect condition in 20 seconds or less.
  • ☕ Electric Multifunctional Grinder: This mill is very suitable for kitchen herb grinders, walnut mills, pepper mills, salt mills or multifunctional spice mills.
  • ☕ DURABLE AND SAFE COFFEE GRINDER: This espresso grinder grinds safely at an impressive speed. It is the safest and most powerful grinding tool!
  • The coffee grinder is very easy to clean: This dust free coffee grinder is also very clean. Wipe it with a damp cloth to be free of dirt.
  • ☕ BEST COFFEE GIFT: This automatic coffee grinder is a great gift for coffee lovers and espresso zippers!

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