Hamilton Beach 41020R Electric Tea Kettle
Hamilton Beach 41020R Electric Tea Kettle

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, Boiler and Heater, 1.7L Capacity, Battery, LED Display, Thermal Storage, Auto Shut-Off and Dry Boil Protection, Stainless Steel

Tea? Hot coconut? Who is the best ally in the membership? If you've got flair, head to Hamilton Beach 1. Keep your 7-liter stainless steel kettle, kettle, and tea set warm with LED instructions. Automatic shutdown and boil functions are available in a few minutes. The powerful rapid boil system ensures fast heating at every standard outlet, and an automatic shutdown function prevents the kettle from drying out. The Hamilton Beach Kettle is beautiful and easy to use. Additionally, most kettles have a 360-degree rotating or cordless base for ease of use. The Hamilton Beach Kettle features a cool handle and anti-drip spout for easy watering.

 Six temperature settings have been specially developed for your favorite drink.

A cup of hot water is not enough to make a perfect cup of tea. Since the precise water temperature affects the quality of the beverage and the boiling water scorches the delicate tea, the Hamilton Beach Variable Kettle has six integrated temperature settings that can be operated with just one button. Each of them is the ideal temperature for different types of French tea and coffee. The keep warm function keeps the water hot for 30 minutes. So if you need to add water, it's good to wait.

This impressive 1.7L stainless steel kettle has a capacity of 1500W, which makes it faster than adding water to the microwave. Safety features include dry boil protection and automatic shutdown functions that make using hob boilers safer. The large water window behind the handle, cordless maintenance, and the detachable, antifouling mesh filter are easy to fill, use and clean.

Six temperature settings

Beginners and daily tea drinkers alike will appreciate the six kettle settings that allow water to reach the ideal temperature for making green tea, white tea, black tea, black tea and herbal teas. Only french coffee and hot cocoa. The keep warm setting keeps the water hot for about 30 minutes.

Large water window

The water level in the kettle is easily visible through the large water window, while the soft blue lamp illuminates the interior.

Winding the rope

With the practical winding device underneath the base, the work surface can be kept clean and wire-free.

Hamilton Beach 41020R Electric Tea Kettle
Hamilton Beach 41020R Electric Tea Kettle

  •  Faster than microwave ovens and safer than cooking boilers: Cordless boilers can prepare 1.7 liters of hot water faster than microwave ovens and are safer than stoves.
  • 6 kinds of one-touch temperature settings: The stainless steel kettle heats different kinds of tea, French coffee and water precisely in cocoa powder, achieving perfect results every time
  • "Warm" option: the "warm" function keeps the water in the kettle hot for 30 minutes until you are ready when you need to fill the water
  • Large water window with LED lights: When water boils, the large water window is illuminated by a soft blue LED
  • Automatic shutdown function with dry fire protection function: The automatic shutdown function with dry fire protection function can prevent the burning of stainless steel kettle

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