HeroFiber Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1L Glass Pitcher
HeroFiber Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1L Glass Pitcher

HeroFiber 1 liter cup of cold brew coffee maker + 1 pound of cold brewed beans. Complete brewing system for coffee with stainless steel filter and 34oz glass

BEAN HERO cold coffee machine + cold ground coffee beans

  •     High quality materials
  •         The body and the cover are made of borosilicate glass
  •         Stainless steel filter
  •         Rubber Stamp

    Texture design
        Close the cap and spout to keep the drink cold for more than a week.

  •     Large independent water tank
  •         Remove the colander and use it as a clean glass jug
  •         It can be used for hot and cold drinks
  •         Fully sealed to keep all drinks cool in the fridge

Including heroin in ground coffee beans

  •     This coffee blend is designed for cold brewing and is 100% engineered to produce the perfect cup or coffee pot.
  •     Chorus grinding - The coffee beans release a complex flavor profile. This flavor differs from a cold flavor and does not release sourness or bitterness during the long fermentation process.
  •     A perfectly balanced roast with a rich creamy taste and a slight sweetness.
  •     Fresh Small Amount - Regular freshly prepared small quantities so your cups are always fresh. Sealed in a three-layer bag, it can be kept fresh for a long time after purchasing
HeroFiber Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1L Glass Pitcher
HeroFiber Cold Brew Coffee Maker 1L Glass Pitcher

  •  Including coffee beans - Use Bean Hero ground coffee beans to brew a small amount cold on site
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Cover and cover made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel filter and rubber sealing ring
  • Sealed Design - Use a sealed cap and a closed port cap to keep your drink cold for more than a week
  • Large jug - remove the filter and use the elegant jug for all hot and cold drinks
  • Quality Assurance - We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with satisfactory products to solve any problems you may encounter while using our products.

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