Homxhandy French Coffee Maker, Coffee Maker with Absolute Taste and Stainless Steel Filter, Travel Camping French Tea Machine, Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Cup with Handle, 600ml

French Press coffee machine, the perfect coffee machine with ultrafiltration function, perfect for your morning coffee
High Temperature Resistant Borosilicate Coffee Strainer, French Hand Cup, Coffee Maker, Tea Filter
French press coffee and tea maker, daily glass coffee maker and coffee machine with stainless steel filter

Excellent design

* Comes with a non-dripping borosilicate glass cup
* Stainless steel strainer and ergonomic handle design
Stainless steel filter and flask
* Stainless steel cup holder and bottom, durable and beautiful
* Coated with a protective plastic outer layer to increase strength
* The spout is provided with olive oil, which makes it easy to pour coffee

Frustrated with ground coffee in a cup?

Quickly choose our premium French modes!
* Reusable stainless steel mesh filter can store leftover coffee and tea safely
* Pressed coffee can extract the maximum amount of aromatic oil and acid from the coffee, providing coffee lovers the best way to brew coffee.
* Just put a spoonful of coarse coffee in the beaker, add boiling water, steep for 4 minutes, then strain to get the perfect cup. Make the most of your private time by working, reading, watching movies, etc.

Why choose our coffee filter jug?

* Excellent quality: Use 304 stainless steel filter and heat resistant borosilicate glass as the material for the water tank, which can withstand boiling water
* Easy to prepare: As long as you have boiling water and coffee, you can enjoy pure coffee anywhere
* Easy to clean: Dishwasher safe. It can be removed by rotating the French pressure filter. Then rinse with water and clean with a brush or sponge
* Versatile: very suitable for preparing fresh coffee, tea, espresso, cold brewing, frothy milk, hot chocolate and juice. The perfect gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, parties, etc.

homxhandy French Press Coffee Maker
homxhandy French Press Coffee Maker

  •  Suggestion: If you receive a broken glass mug, please contact us, we will replace it or refund your money! HIGH QUALITY: High-borosilicate glass body, heat-proof, explosion-proof, resists instantaneous differences in temperatures of 200 ° C; Healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, lead free, acid and alkali resistant, not easy to corrode; High transparency, clearly visible brewing process.
  • Maximum flavor: This classic brewing method allows the coffee bean oil and acidity to be preserved in all-French cups for rich, exquisite flavor. The advanced multi-stage filtration technology can filter all beans and give you a smooth, crunchy cup of coffee.
  • EXCELLENT FILTRATION SYSTEM: This French coffee juicer has a triple-layer filtration system, 304 stainless steel filter (it can capture the smallest beans in the coffee), stainless steel spiral and plunge design for quick and easy cup of coffee. Favorite coffee. Using a French Press coffee machine to easily prepare delicious and delicious coffee is the preferred method for coffee lovers around the world.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: This professional French coffee maker is the best mini coffee maker for your morning coffee. Easy brewing, great filtration, quick cleaning, and flawless design mean you can get everything you need from a French press. It is ideal for brewing fresh coffee, tea, espresso or cold drinks. The interior design is professional and you can also use French Press to press fresh berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc.).
  • ★ The best choice: Easy to prepare: Grind a spoonful of ground coffee with a French pressure. Pour the right amount of boiling water. Click on the filter. Then you can enjoy pure coffee. You can use the smart coffee filter at home, in the office, at camp, or anywhere that has boiling water. French Press not only serves you the most delicious coffees, but also creates ambiance and beauty for your table. It is the best gift for coffee lovers!

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