Ingeware Portable Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder
Ingeware Portable Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder

Ingeware Manual Coffee Grinder - Portable Stainless Steel Hand Grinder with Tapered Bit and Adjustable Coarse Adjustment, Small Moka Aeropress Pot and French Coffee Grinder - Black

Want the perfect grind for every type of coffee?

Grind size greatly affects the taste of your cup, making it difficult to instantly grind coffee when you are brewing at home. If you want to enjoy coffee the way you want it to, everything should be consistent.

Using multiple brewing methods won't give you the perfect taste of your coffee every time. The wrong grinder can turn an espresso into a cold drink. How to enjoy various drinks at home?

Ingeware manual coffee grinder has 6 adjustable roughness settings so you can enjoy the perfect grind every time!

Enjoy delicious coffee at home, work or on the go with this portable coffee grinder. It has a stylish and modern look that can be perfectly integrated into any decor or kitchen design.

Unlike other coffee grinders, this device is easy to use. It has a transparent glass bowl at the bottom so you can easily see its contents. This makes adding ink easier because you know instantly if you need ground coffee.

What many people love most about this manual coffee grinder is the size of two cups of premium quality coffee. The grinder capacity is 30 grams of coffee beans.

Ingeware Portable Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder
Ingeware Portable Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder

  •  ☕ ADJUSTABLE EXTERNAL SETTINGS - This manual coffee grinder offers 6-degree coarseness adjustment. You can choose between espresso, mocha bowl, pouring, chemical, french juice and cold drink.
  • ☕ This manual coffee grinder is lightweight, portable, and easy to transport and store. Ideal for business and leisure travelers, beach and camp lovers. The large capacity jug allows you to brew fresh ground and roasted coffee beans.
  • ☕ Easy to clean, all mill parts can be disassembled and cleaned. All you need is a bowl of soapy water to quickly clean the grinder parts and remove any fine residue and grease.
  • The durable hand grinding mechanism is made of high quality stainless steel. The conical hammer is made of ceramic which can retain the original taste of coffee when it is ground.
  • For gifts - this stainless steel manual coffee grinder will impress coffee lovers or connoisseurs. It is a suitable gift for birthday, family, wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and family warmth.

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