Kaffe KF1020 Double-Wall French Press Coffee Maker
Kaffe KF1020 Double-Wall French Press Coffee Maker

Kaffe French Press coffee maker. Double layer stainless steel (6 cups 0.8L). Includes an extra filter!

The Kaffe KF1020 French Coffee Maker is a true classic while made of durable stainless steel. French media is very elegant with its clean and modern lines that customers love. This product combines traditional French pressing mechanism with a modern and elegant atmosphere. With high-quality materials and designs such as stainless steel and a micro-filter that keeps the surface away from the mug, you can also get more environmentally friendly and more durable products. The French Press coffee machine is an ideal way to extract essential oils from your coffee. All you need is French coffee, hot water and your favorite coffee plus a deeply roasted taste waiting for you! Four minutes and four easy steps to get the perfect cup: Add coarse-ground coffee powder to your oven, pour boiling water, wait four minutes, then press. Barista or anyone who loves handcrafted coffee will love this European coffee maker.

  •  Eco-friendly, efficient and timeless design, no plastic capsules, coffee capsules or filter paper required. The classic French coffee maker is the easiest way to make aromatic coffee.
  • The stainless steel structure is durable and can be used for many years.
  • 6 cups (80ml) capacity.
  • Extra filter made of stainless steel, then squeezed to extract the best scent.
  • Commitment to expanding the facility

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