KRUPS GX550850 Precision Grinder Flat Burr Coffee
KRUPS GX550850 Precision Grinder Flat Burr Coffee

KRUPS Filter For Coffee / Espresso / Pour Type / Fine Cold Coffee Grinder, 12 Cups, Black

Precision coffee grinders provide consistent grind results. Thanks to the flat grinder, it is possible to make even and thick coffee in 12 main grind sizes. It was refined into a fine to coarse grinder. Grind the coffee beans to get filter coffee, press a cold press oven, pour espresso, etc.

Fine flat coffee grinder

KRUPS precision grinder explores a variety of fresh coffee flavors. The fine grinder can provide perfectly ground coffee for espresso, French press, filter coffee, pour coffee, etc. KRUPS Precision Grinder lets you set 12 grind sizes, each finely tuned to fully extract the flavor of the coffee beans from every coffee method. No matter the type, roasting or source of coffee beans, this KRUPS micro grinder can increase the flavor. For each grind, choose 2 to 12 cups to get exactly the amount you need.

High quality flour mill

The metal blades coffee grinder can fully control the grind size and grind the full flavor of coffee evenly.

12 fine grind settings

12 fine-tuning button settings, perfect for fine to coarse grinding. Grinding coffee beans for espresso, cold brewing, French pressing, etc.

Customizable amount

Cup setting from 2 to 12 cups with auto shut off function can grind exactly how much you want.

Large capacity

8 ounces. Whole grain bucket. The removable ground coffee container holds 30-32 cups of ground coffee.

KRUPS GX550850 Precision Grinder Flat Burr Coffee
KRUPS GX550850 Precision Grinder Flat Burr Coffee

  •  The performance and accuracy are improved and the grinding range is expanded by 33%. It can precisely grind all kinds of coffee brewing method, drip filters, coffee, French press, cold brewing, espresso, etc.
  • The high-quality metal coffee grinder can fully control the grind size and even the whole grind to preserve the full flavor of the coffee
  • Adjustable grind 12 kinds of fine grind settings, The fine grind middle setting is used to adjust the fineness of any type of coffee, from espresso smoothness to coarser French press
  • The number of cups can be adjusted from 2 to 12, which is used to adjust the quantity selection. With auto off function, the exact number can be automatically grounded
  • Large Capacity: 8-ounce coffee maker and removable ground coffee pot that can be used to grind 30-32 coffee cups
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Removable top blade with built-in cleaning brush for easy cleaning
  • On / off button, automatic stop at the end of grinding cycle

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