MLGB Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder
Manual Coffee Grinder

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  •  [Ceramic Blade Coffee Grinder] Unlike electric coffee grinders, ceramic blades do not rust, become weak or heat up during the grinding process nor destroy the original taste of the coffee. Easy to clean, remove residue from coffee with a brush.
  • [5.7 Inch Long Handle Stainless Steel Crank] When opening the manual crank in the manual coffee grinder, you will feel the crushed and ground coffee beans, resulting in releasing rich roundness of the coffee beans. Exhibition!
  • [The precise manual coffee bean meal can be adjusted from fine to coarse. You only need to rotate the grinder handle at the bottom of the coffee bean hopper, then rotate the handle slowly to mash the coffee beans, the coffee powder will taste stronger and sweeter.
  • [Enjoy the pleasure of grinding beans. The manual grinder can hold about 30g of coffee beans and make 4 cups at a time. Help you enjoy your favorite coffee styles like AeroPress, Cold Brew, and French Press. The coffee bean grinder is the best choice for coffee lovers.
  • [Portable Coffee Grinder The portable manual coffee grinder is 6.7 inches high, 2.2 inches wide and weighs 1.1 lbs. Put a portable coffee grinder in your pocket, whether you are camping, picnicking, traveling or on a business trip, you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee.

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