MOON-1 Antique Manual Coffee Grinder
MOON-1 Antique Manual Coffee Grinder

MOON-1 manual coffee grinder antique cast iron manual coffee grinder with grinding degree adjustment and drawer handle 120 x 120 x 260 mm

Repeat the coffee until 11 am!
Bring elegant coffee to your home brewing station with this coffee grinder.
This manual coffee grinder is practical, light and can hold a large capacity of coffee beans per batch.
The beautiful cast iron frame and sleek red base make this construction a great showcase for any old-world-inspired space.
Most importantly, the smart design means you'll never have to deal with dirty or dusty coffee beans again.
Just slide the handle and pull the grinding wheel back onto the portable tray and you will get instant relief!

Premium quality coffee grinder

This vintage grinder has been carefully designed and improved to handle a variety of grinder tasks besides your daily coffee and espresso.
Use with dried spices, herbs, nuts, and other gourmet ingredients.

Smooth manual rotation
Don't worry about complicated and complicated grinders.
This crank grinder only needs to turn the handle a few times and you will be ready for some specialty coffee in no time.
It also makes the conversation enjoyable.

Too fine or coarse grinding
Whether you need an ultra-fine coating or a French press roughness, the device's top cover is easily removed so you can adjust the parameters.
A number of milling operations can be performed simply by turning the toothed nut.

Enchanting old world design
Forget the enormous eye pain the device causes.
The machine features a red wooden base and a durable cast iron mechanism with a vintage charm.
The built-in tray also provides a smart pool floor solution.
Make high quality coffee
Using machines that do not generate heat or other impurities to preserve the taste, aroma, texture and natural oils of the pills.
Enjoy a smooth cup every day of the year.

MOON-1 Antique Manual Coffee Grinder
MOON-1 Antique Manual Coffee Grinder

  •  Manual coffee grinder - advanced antique coffee bean grinder with pick tray, conical grinder, manual spice mill, by
  • Fully rough or smooth finish; Use espresso, spices, vanilla, nuts, etc.
  • The device does not need a socket. Simply twist the toothed nut to change the setting, then place the beans in the bowl and turn the handle appropriate for grinding
  • Practical Drip Tray - Cast iron coffee grinder, which can be crushed directly into a pot without dirt; Open the tray to add cinnamon powder, nutmeg, or cocoa powder
  • A complete product that can add a charming look to your interior decoration. Made of high quality pine wood, ceramic, and cast iron with great taste - use a coffee maker, French press, or drip irrigation machine to make them at home. Grinding delicious drinks by hand improves taste, acidity and mouth feeling

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