OXO 8718800 Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker
OXO 8718800 Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker

OXO Brew coffee machine, 8 cups, one size, in stainless steel

At OXO Brew, we firmly believe in starting a new day. That is why we have developed a coffee maker that can easily be a part of your daily business. The OXO Brew coffee machine offers a capacity of 8 cups of standard coffee, certified by the Professional Coffee Association (SCA). Whether you brew a full bowl or a single cup, this brewing machine can make a better cup. Easy to use: select the amount you want to brew, click to start, start the brewing process, control the water temperature and brewing time to meet the strict standards of the Professional Coffee Association (SCA). No matter how much coffee you want to brew, the Rainmaker shower head distributes water evenly over the coffee grounds for maximum taste. The coffee machine comes with an optional single serving attachment to improve the taste when making a single cup. Use the removable manhole covers to lift shorter cups or to make room for larger travel cups. Double-layer vacuum insulated glass keeps your coffee in good and hot condition. Thanks to the lid-brewing method, you don't have to worry about turning the jar lid over or opening the lid before pouring. 'Water. You can't wait, as the beer machine's anti-drip valve lets you move the glass without interrupting the brewing process. The cabinet height is large enough, and the elegant stainless steel construction can be used for any decor without taking up much space. The convenient cleaning mode helps you keep the appliance in top condition so that nothing is between you and your morning bowl.

  •      Standard coffee certified by the Professional Coffee Association (SCA). Soak in a cup or beaker.
  •     Individual serving options include attaching an optional brewing basket to improve flavor
  •     The finest beverage precision can control the water temperature and brew cycle. Complies with the Professional Coffee Association Gold Cup award standard
  •     The rain generator shower head distributes the water evenly over the floor
  •     Double-walled vacuum insulated pot with lid to soak beer cans
  •     The removable slot cover can lift shorter cups or make room for larger cups
  •     It has a convenient cleaning mode
  •     The size corresponds to the locker
  •     It contains 10 paper coffee filters and a small spoon

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