Pykal The Red Hotness Whistling Tea Kettle
Pykal The Red Hotness Whistling Tea Kettle

Pykal KIT-WK-002 red whistling tea kettle with iCool handle technology and stainless steel free tea strainer, compatible with all induction or gas hobs, size 2.8 QT

 Excellent sound

This kettle can strike the perfect balance between sound and high pressure, keeping your ears comfortable, yet loud enough to trigger an alarm when the water boils.

ICool handle

Thanks to iCool technology, the button can cool the kettle faster. H. Immediately after the beep. It is not necessary to lift the kettle with pot holders! The simple and intuitive trigger mechanism makes opening the nozzle easy and safe.

Compatible with all kitchen gadgets

High quality products that meet the best five-layer industry standards can achieve fast heat conduction, thus reducing cooking time. Compatible with all kitchen gadgets!

Flame warning

When using on a gas stove, make sure the flame does not exceed the diameter of the bottom of the kettle, otherwise the kettle liner may burn

The lowest level of water

Boil at least 34 ounces or 4 cups of water. This allows large amounts of liquid and vapor to protect the outer skin from burns.

 Compatible with all cookers / kitchen counters

Unlike other teapots that are limited to gas stoves, our kettles are compatible with all five major stoves -

The extruder has an excellent compartment

When you buy a kettle from us, you get two high quality batches for brewing bulk tea. Follow the steps below to use the disassembly tool.

An elegant gift box for every occasion

Your new favorite kitchen gem will be delivered packed in an elegant gift box, perfect as a gift for your loved ones on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Years Eve, weddings, family reunions and other occasions. They will also make a perfect gift for mom or dad on their birthday.

Pykal The Red Hotness Whistling Tea Kettle
Pykal The Red Hotness Whistling Tea Kettle

  •  i [iCOOL processing technology - no oven gloves required | Trigger Opening System - Say goodbye to scalds and scorched hands with the Quick Cool Knob system, which can cool knobs within seconds of turning the oven off - no oven gloves needed! Our easy-to-use trigger system makes the tip of the nozzle as easy as the nozzle when the lever is depressed.
  • ✅ [The hottest red color in modern kitchens | The perfect yellowing tone brings out the common and boring kettles and adds color to your kitchen! Now you can make your own favorite coffee or tea with your friends, which is fun. The sound is pleasant and pleasant, yet loud enough to remind you that water is boiling.
  • Compatible with all ovens Surgical Grade Stainless Steel] - This teapot will definitely win the competition. The iron liner is made of two layers of aluminum and wrapped in surgical stainless steel to be compatible with all furnaces such as induction, gas, electric, ceramic and halogen furnaces. The multi-layer base can make heating faster, more durable and more rust-proof.
  • ✅ [2 X Free Tutorials as Bonus | Wonderful Gift Box] - Are you looking for gifts for your loved ones this year? This kettle comes in an elegant box and is the perfect gift for Christmas, New Years, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, birthdays and even home parties! If you love tea, you'll fall in love with this decadent tea that makes preparing loose tea easy and fun. Enjoy the true aroma of tea with your friends and family!
  • ✅ [100% risk free purchase | 1 Year Warranty] - Pykal provides reliable customer service. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us, we will refund you within the first 30 days. Your satisfaction is our happiness.

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