Solis 960.97 Scala Compact Conical-Burr Coffee Grinder
Solis 960.97 Scala Compact Conical-Burr Coffee Grinder

The perfect grinder for the budding coffee enthusiast at home

The key to making homemade coffee begins with gentle grinding, and here these sweet little wonders emerge. With 14 progressive settings for grinding and a one-minute grind timer, Scala can break down the barriers between fresh whole beans and delicious morning cups. From coarse surfaces best suited to pressing to pouring and drip, Scala is the ideal solution for a wide variety of slow brewing processes. At the bottom end, Scala can produce pellets that are perfect for pressurized espresso filters. This means it would be great to use your favorite new home brewing method!

Scala has a 10-ounce cereal funnel that can be easily removed for cleaning and reaching the bumps. The blade is also easy to remove from the grinder for easy maintenance of scaffolds. This is another benefit for new users.

On the Scala you will find sharp steel tapered edges that the coffee beans can work with in a short time without adding heat to the ground coffee. The low speed motor ensures a always perfect surface for brewing coffee.

Set the sanding quality

The 14 custom grinding settings can easily be linked to Aeropress, French Casting, and everything in between.

Grind to preserve odor

The mill features a two-stage low-speed gearbox, which has the advantage of not heating the ground coffee during the grinding process, thus keeping the delicate coffee aroma.

Add medicine at the right time

Scala has a built-in grinding timer that can be set in 5-second steps. The consistency of Solis Grinder really shines through during medium strength / pour coffee.

Solis 960.97 Scala Compact Conical-Burr Coffee Grinder
Solis 960.97 Scala Compact Conical-Burr Coffee Grinder

  • Conical Steel Blades - Sharp steel blades feature fast and cold grinding.
  • Progressive Grind Adjustment - 14 custom grind settings let you easily choose Aeropress, Pour, French Press, and everything in between.
  • Timed Feed - Scala is equipped with a built-in milling timer that is adjustable in steps of 5 seconds.
  • Integrated Footprint: Thanks to a 5 x 7 image fingerprint, Scala can be easily saved when not in use.
  • Toolless disassembly - The purpose of reaching the hillside is to disassemble the funnel for cleaning and maintenance.

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