T2 Tea Jug-A-Lot Iced Tea Jug with Removable Infuser
T2 Tea Jug-A-Lot Iced Tea Jug with Removable Infuser

Iced Tea H999ZZ247 T2 "Krug" can make tea in a short time. Made with AcraGlass to protect against dirt, haze, and odor (did we mention it's BPA free too?) This premium tool comes with a cap to prevent spills and keep it fresh. Simply brew the tea, remove the strainer, and place it on the refrigerator door until it's ready to drink

  • T2's most popular product is a practical and popular product - the square bottom, waterproof lid, and sturdy materials make it a must-have for every ice cream teapot!
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - This product is made with premium quality materials - just like our tea ingredients, to ensure your next T2 tea time is perfect.
  • Material: Body: 1.2L-Acraglass-Tritan Cover / Knob: PP / Silicone handle on handle. Silicone seal. There is no BPA.
  • It can be washed in dishwasher on top rack or by hand to extend product life.
  • Selected and ready to drink! From leaves to mugs, we are all of the best moral resources of fall on earth. A cup of delicious loose leaf symbolizes the traditional celebration of drinking tea.

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