TIMSTOOL 6 USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices
TIMSTOOL 6 USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices

TIMSTOOL 6 USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices - No Buzz - LED Display - Smart Fast Charging Station Compatible with iPhone iPad Black

 Forget the mess

IPhone, iPad, Airpods, Kindle, Samsung, and all other cell phones or tablets, power banks, wireless headphones, etc.can be charged with a universal USB charging station manager.

Your free bonus: starter pack for sync and charging cables for the most popular devices.

The Timstool 6 USB Charging Station can be used immediately after purchase.

The 6-Port USB Charging Station (version 2) contains a free USB starter kit for sync and short charge (Pack of 7):

    IPhone 4 times | iPad | Cable compatible with Airpods
    2 mini USB port | Android connection
    1 x USB Type-C cable

To prevent accidental damage, version 2 also includes a replacement distributor

Friendly Customer Service: Plug Guide and Power Cord Obstacles Repair.

To ensure that the section and power cord are properly connected to the iPhone base station and Android charging station, please refer to the user manual and the correct installation recommendations for the charging stand:

    The power cord must be inserted very deeply into the multifunction USB charging port (see illustration).
    The sturdy and long spacer can also accommodate larger tablets. To be right, place it evenly - gently push each joint into the base until you hear a click.

If you need more information, please contact Timstool's support team.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: Several universal USB charging stations with dual / universal voltage support!

Several important functions:

    Dual voltage support, it can be used in any country
    Built-in smart chip for automatic detection and smart charging
    6 faster USB charging ports
    LED display (option disabled)
    Quiet charging (without loud noise)
    And advanced security features

Make this Timstool tablet and multiple mobile charging stations a gift for everyone!

TIMSTOOL 6 USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices
TIMSTOOL 6 USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices

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