Tohsssik A2.5 Whistling Tea Kettle Teapot
Tohsssik A2.5 Whistling Tea Kettle Teapot

 Tohsssik Stainless Steel Teapot Whistle Pot 2.5L Teapot Over Induction Hob, Quick Boil 2.64L Teapot

 Whistling teapot maker

When the water boils, the gentle hissing hits the kitchen and your ears, alleviating your anxiety while you wait, and allowing you to enjoy your afternoon tea for the first time.

It has a comfortable handle, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and large capacity 2.64 pints.

The 2.64L or 2.5L teapot is made of durable food grade 304 stainless steel. Anti-rust / corrosion protection technology and excellent design make the teapot a pipe.

Big opening

The larger opening makes filling and cleaning easier and easier.

The bottom loop

The round bottom improves the heating performance and the water boils faster.

Comfortable and heat resistant handle

Comfortable, heat-resistant, non-slip and protect your hands from burns (if the water is only boiling, please use the handguard).

The faucet with cover can prevent dust

Long life, dustproof, sealed and waterproof. The nozzle cap must be closed every time it is used.

Tohsssik A2.5 Whistling Tea Kettle Teapot
Tohsssik A2.5 Whistling Tea Kettle Teapot

  •  ♨ [Loud sound] Even in a noisy environment, a loud automatic beep will catch your attention. When you focus on housework, watching movies, listening to music, or something else, the teapot will remind you to whistle when the water boils. So do not forget to turn off the electricity and wipe the water.
  • ♨ [Food grade and stainless steel material] The teapot is made of 18/8 stainless steel to make sure it is rust and corrosion resistant and heats up quickly.
  • ♨ [Large Capacity] With 2.64L capacity, you can achieve about 12 cups capacity after cooking. This is great for serving any family member or party.
  • ♨ [Ergonomic handle design] kettle with heat resistant handle. When the water boils, you can raise the handle and prevent the flame from entering. The ergonomic handle increases comfort when pouring and filling.
  • ♨ [Applicable to different furnaces] This kiln boiler is suitable for electric induction, natural gas and natural gas furnaces. Be careful if a fire catches. Please use this jug for medium and small fires. Heats up quickly and saves energy.

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