Toshiba N300 12TB NAS 3.5-inch Internal Hard Drive
Toshiba N300 12TB NAS 3.5-inch Internal Hard Drive

Toshiba HDWG21CXZSTA N300 12TB Internal Hard Drive CMR-SATA 6Gb / s 7200rpm 256MB Cache

The Toshiba N300 NAS internal NAS hard drive was developed for use in Private, Private, and Small Business Networks (NAS). The N300 offers high-performance storage and is designed for 24/7 operation (9). The N300 supports up to 8 drive bays (5) in a multi-RAID environment that can be greatly expanded as data storage needs grow to accommodate a user's NAS configuration. The N300 is extremely reliable, can handle a heavy workload of 180 TB / year (6) and is optimized for NAS environments where efficient storage and access to large amounts of data are required on a daily basis. Whether you host the cloud, share files between workgroups, or operate a 24/7 network, the Toshiba N300 NAS Hard Drive delivers the reliability and performance NAS users need at home and in small offices. [Note]: (1) 1 TB (1 TB) means 10 {12] = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes when using 10 power. Actual formatted storage capacity may vary. Visit Toshiba Consumer Hard Disk Drive website for more information. (2) Compatibility may vary according to user's hardware configuration and OS. (3) Product specifications, colors, configurations and components are subject to change without notice. (4) “2.5” and “3.5” represent the external dimensions of the hard drive. Do not include the physical size of the drive. (5) For Supported Drive Slots, please contact solution provider as host device compatibility varies from system to system. (6) Workload is a measure of the amount of data transferred in a year, and it is defined as the amount of data that is written, read or verified by the commands of the host system. (7) MTTF (Average Failure Time) is not a guarantee or an estimate of product life. This is a statistical value related to the average failure rate of a large number of products and may not accurately reflect the actual process. Product shelf life may differ from MTTF cycle. (8) Read and write speeds may vary depending on host device, read and write conditions, and file size. (9) Hard disk drive life may vary depending on usage and workload. (10) Usual warranty terms apply. The warranty guide can be found on the Toshiba Consumer Hard Drive website.

Protect what's more important

Built-in Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors and heat shield controls detect and compensate for shock, rotary vibration and heat, while troubleshooting control helps reduce downtime.

Stay ahead of speed

The N300 hard drive is designed for large data loads in a multi-RAID NAS environment of up to 260MB / s (8) thanks to a large cache size and 7200 rpm speed, enabling fast data transfer speeds.

Designed to work around the clock (9)

Whether you're hosting a cloud, sharing files between workgroups, or running a high-traffic network, the N300 NAS hard drive provides improved reliability and supports workloads of up to 180 terabytes per year (6) and up to one million MTTF hours (seven ). )) So that the NAS system works around the clock.

Integrated hard drive for Toshiba N300 NAS

The NAS N300 internal hard drive is designed with business in mind. When speed, reliability, and performance are paramount, the N300 Hard Drive can achieve it. Keep important data safe and make sure you can move forward safely.

High reliability

It's designed to operate 24/7 (9) and supports workloads of up to 180 TB / year (6). MTTF reaches 1 million hours (7).

 good performance

Powerful 7200 rpm capacity to store and access important data and documents

Toshiba N300 12TB NAS 3.5-inch Internal Hard Drive
Toshiba N300 12TB NAS 3.5-inch Internal Hard Drive

  •  Designed for NAS for small businesses and home offices
  • Designed to work around the clock (9)
  • High reliability with a workload of 180 TB / year (6)
  • High performance motor with 7200 RPM and cache size
  • The built-in RV sensor can compensate for rotational vibrations
  • Toshiba Limited Warranty is 3 years (10)

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