VEHHE Manual Portable Hand Coffee Grinder
VEHHE Manual Portable Hand Coffee Grinder

VEHHE manual coffee grinder portable manual coffee grinder with adjustable ceramic settings, coffee grinder for Aeropress Beats, coffee filter, espresso, French squeezer and Turkish drink

 VEHHE portable manual coffee grinder

These coffee grinders use center shaft design and transparent resin body, which not only guarantees the stability and smoothness of the center shaft to turn the grinder when turning, but also increases the grinding pleasure. The adjustable ceramic grinding core can adapt to the grinding roughness of different grinding requirements. Plus, completely separating the body makes cleaning easier. It is the perfect manual coffee grinder.

Removable and easy to clean: Unlike electric coffee grinders, the main part of this manual coffee grinder is removable and very easy to clean. If you need to clean, take it out and clean it right away.

Integrated center shaft design: The coffee grinder adopts the bottom shaft design to ensure the stability and smoothness of the center shaft to turn the mill while rotating. You can enjoy this coffee grinder.

Non-slip seat cushion: Use a silicone pad. When grinding coffee beans, the silicone pad below can play a role in mounting the manual coffee grinder. Additionally, a rock handle can be placed on the silicone tank for easy storage.

VEHHE Manual Portable Hand Coffee Grinder
VEHHE Manual Portable Hand Coffee Grinder

  •  Adjustable grinding: Rotate the grinding core of the manual coffee grinder clockwise or counterclockwise to achieve the process from fine grinding to medium grinding with coarse grinding. Different amounts of coffee powder are suitable for Aeropress, Espresso, Espresso, French Press, and Turkish Brew. As long as you own this coffee maker, you can enjoy all kinds of coffee, why not.
  • High quality ceramic grinding core: This coffee grinder uses a ceramic grinding core which is different from the plastic grinding core. Ground coffee is much softer and ceramic cannot easily generate heat during the grinding process. It does not affect the taste of the coffee and retains the original aroma of the coffee to ensure the freshness and taste of the coffee.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The manual coffee grinder is easy to clean. The main body is made of plastic. Compared to glass, you don't have to worry about slipping and breaking when washing. The whole body is removable. After grinding the coffee, you can remove any attachments and clean them with a brush or water. Once it is completely dry, reassemble the parts to keep them new.
  • Comfortable cup and non-slip pad: This coffee grinder adopts ergonomic cup which has constant moving speed and no frustration, which greatly improves the enjoyment of hand grinding coffee beans. When using silica gel pads when grinding coffee beans, the silica gel bottom pad may play a role in repairing the coffee grinder. Additionally, the stone handle can be placed on the silica gel container after use for easy storage.
  • Environmental protection, no noise: manual grinding, without battery, coffee grinder can effectively avoid more than 90% of the electric grinder noise, creating a calm atmosphere. You don't have to worry about sweet dreams in the morning. We offer a lifetime warranty - if at any time you do not like this manual flour mill, your money will be refunded immediately. Give you satisfying service.

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