Waterbridge Electric Plate Warmer
Waterbridge Electric Plate Warmer

Waterbridge Electrical Panel Heater - Can Heat Up to 15 Large Panels - Heritage Navy

The Waterbridge dish warmer keeps food hot for longer!

Large: heat up to 15 plates; Small, up to 6 dishes

For those who love food and entertainment.

For those who enjoy cooking and having fun, the Waterbridge Insulation Panel makes a hard-to-find good gift.

The Waterbridge hot plate is a thermostatically controlled heating plate that can be attached tightly to any table and can heat up to 15 dishes to keep food hot for longer. All you have to do is place the plates between the folds. Not all crockery tools immediately reach a nicely high temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and may still stick to the outer edges of the crockery.

Safely heat delicate ceramic pots. The heating plate in or on or on top of your oven, microwave, or dishwasher will not crack or break, saving space in the oven. Includes a transparent zip pocket for easy storage.

Compared to conventional radiators, Waterbridge heating panels cover 100% more panel area and can heat more panels faster. 120V, 80W, with 2 North American blade connectors.

Waterbridge Electric Plate Warmer
Waterbridge Electric Plate Warmer

  •  KEEPS FOOD is very hot and takes longer. The thermostatically controlled electric heating pad heats the plate to a comfortable high temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The isolated base protects all desks. It covers 95% of the panel surface. Specially designed for NA sized panels (there's a difference!)
  • Handmade high quality non-slip cotton cover. Practical and elegant!
  • Includes a transparent zip-top bag for easy storage and a 10-year limited warranty. Produced in N.A. And collects since 97.
  • If needed, add the tax credit. Buy 2 Water Hot Plates and Save 15%! To view all styles and sizes, click "Waterbridge" above.

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