WD RE 2 TB Enterprise WD2000FYYZ Hard Drive
WD RE 2 TB Enterprise WD2000FYYZ Hard Drive

WD RE 2TB Enterprise Hard Drive: 3.5 Inch, 7200RPM, SATA III, 64MB Cache (WD2000FYYZ)

The WD RE 7200 RPM SATA Professional Hard Drive is ideal for corporate servers, storage, video surveillance, and other write-intensive applications. It offers up to 4 TB capacity, 64MB cache, 4G vibration endurance, and a 5-year limited warranty. Compatible: PC

 Storage optimized for performance in high-density applications.

With advanced technology, this technology can provide consistently high performance in many applications. The download capacity is ten times that of desktop drives. Therefore, WD Re is the backbone of the product lineup. WD data center.

Turn off the large capacity motor

The massive 6 TB capacity can meet the most demanding requirements of data centers, corporate servers, or cloud storage.

Designed for high intensity applications

This is the highest workload capacity of any 3.5-inch hard drive and is designed to process up to 550 TB of data per year.

It was developed for durability and reliability

In the most demanding storage environment, WD Re delivers the highest reliability in 24 x 7 x 365 operation.

WD RE 2 TB Enterprise WD2000FYYZ Hard Drive
WD RE 2 TB Enterprise WD2000FYYZ Hard Drive

  •  The largest WD RE SATA approx hard drive in the industry, with a capacity of 2TB to 4TB, can meet your most demanding storage needs
  • Highest performance for mission-critical applications - WD RE delivers 6Gbps throughput, 171MB / s continuous serial data rate, and higher random I / O throughput
  • Designed for Quality and Reliability - With 1.2 million hours on site MTBF testing, this highly efficient propulsion system delivers the highest levels of reliability for 24/7 operation in 100% duty cycle applications
  • Two processors - twice the computing power for better performance
  • Vibration Protection Enhanced RAFF technology includes advanced electronics that monitor the drive and correct linear and rotating vibrations in real time. Compared to the previous generation engine, the result is a significant improvement in performance in high vibration environments.

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