Wyness PD-75W 5 Port USB Charging Station
Wyness PD-75W 5 Port USB Charging Station

Wyness USB Wall Charger, PD-75W 5-Port USB Charging Station, PowerPort 5 Multifunctional USB Charger (PD-30W, Type C, QC3.0 & 5V-2.4A) for Smartphones, Tablets, Headphones, Bluetooth Hands-Free Equipment - Speakers And more black

 Charge all devices at maximum speed.

5-Port Desktop USB Charging Station: Most of us have more than one device that charges via USB: tablets, smartphones, power banks, e-readers, portable speakers, bluetooth headsets, headphones, and fitness trackers. You will likely need to charge both devices regularly at the same time.

That's the purpose of this multi-port USB charger - it only takes up one port but provides the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time.

The multi-port charger is also very convenient on the go. You don't need to bring chargers for the family or on your own, but you can bring a charger for everything for your phone, tablet, headphones, and bluetooth speakers.

Use Quick Charge 3.0 and PD 3.0 to change the charging method

* PD 30W: PD 3.0 Type C fast charging adapter, PD fast charging connector.

* Type C: The output is 5V-2A.

* Quick Charge 3.0 (green): 4 times faster than other standard chargers. The advanced algorithm technology can determine the power level to be requested at any time, thus achieving the best power transmission while at the same time improving the efficiency.

* Smart USB Charging Port (orange):

With a powerful dual USB charging port, each port can reach 2.4A / 12W. The charger can charge multiple power consuming devices at the same time.

* Universal compatibility means all cell phones, tablets, and other devices can be charged at the same time. Ultra-fast chargers use the latest technology to stabilize performance.

* The Family Charging Station is a compact, pocket-sized, multi-port charger suitable for travel and indoor use.

* For the best possible use effect, please use the original cable or a third-party certified cable. USB Type-C cable certification.

Wyness PD-75W 5 Port USB Charging Station
Wyness PD-75W 5 Port USB Charging Station

  •     PD 3.0 75W total output: PD-30W and QC 3.0 connectors must be equipped with a fast charging cable in order to achieve fast charging. It's powerful enough to quickly charge your 15-inch MacBook Pro in 2 hours, and provides a steady high-speed charge for other laptops as well.
  •     Extremely powerful: 5 ports (PD 3.0, Type C, Quick Charge 3.0 and 2 ports with 2.4A each) can consume 75W of power to charge multiple devices at the same time.
  •     MultiProtect Security System: Overcurrent protection, temperature control and advanced safety functions can ensure your safety and the safety of your devices.
  •     Universal compatibility: Wide input voltage range from 100V to 240V, compatible with all 5V USB chargers. It is very suitable for use with PD and QC charging protocols for seamless use with all USB chargers.
  •     You get: PowerPort 5 (75W USB charging hub with 5 connectors), 120cm detachable power cord. 12-month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.

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