Zadmory Manual Portable Coffee Grinder
Zadmory Manual Portable Coffee Grinder

Zadmory manual coffee grinder, portable manual coffee grinder with adjustable settings, stainless steel coffee grinder for drip and espresso coffee, for home and travel use (304 steel)

Are you looking for a portable quiet coffee grinder made of premium quality materials that do not consume electricity?
Look no further! Our manual coffee grinder is exactly what you need! Our grinders are of the highest quality and as useful in the kitchen as they are on the go!
No matter where you go, you can easily enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

Manual and electric
This manual coffee grinder is a great choice for beginners to grind coffee at home. They are small, durable, and require less participation due to their lower price tag.
The irony is that manual coffee grinders are generally cheaper than knife grinders but they work better.
Hand ground coffee can contain some fat, but it is very beneficial.

how to use
1. Remove the cap and crank from the funnel and pour a little coffee beans into it.
2. Choose from available milling dimensions by rotating the adjustable rotor.
Assemble the container and the funnel, then turn it clockwise to hold it in place.
4- Hold the wheel firmly and turn the knob slowly clockwise to get the wheel you want!
Turn the adjustment knob to adjust the grind to coarser or smooth, clockwise for smoothness and counterclockwise for roughness.
When rotating the dial, including the coffee grounds, ensure that there are no obstacles between the inner and outer protrusions.

Zadmory Manual Portable Coffee Grinder
Zadmory Manual Portable Coffee Grinder

  •  ☕ Keep the coffee aroma the professional design of the ceramic conical grinder makes the grinding process more detailed and the coffee powder more uniform. At the same time, it prevents the coffee beans from overheating during the grinding process and the original aroma remains strong for better coffee taste. Perfect for coffee lovers.
  • ☕ [High Quality Material] The coffee grinder is made of brushed stainless steel, which is strong and durable. The combined ceramic blade has a longer life than the stainless steel blade, ensuring high-quality grain grinding effect while reducing noise at the same time. It has a silicone handle for better handling and prevents slipping or falling off during sanding. (Note: Do not over-tighten the nut to avoid damaging the movement and the handle.)
  • ☕ [Easy to carry and use] mini manual coffee grinder, contains 3 cups of coffee, 6 tablespoons (30g) of coffee beans per 18 oz of water, without battery, built-in coffee grinder, without noise, can be used for outdoor camping , Outings, and travel. Fresh outdoor picnic coffee, best coffee grinder for you.
  • grinder size adjustable This manual coffee grinder is adjustable so you can control the roughness of your coffee beans with 100% accuracy. Make sure to grind the coffee beans evenly, fine, medium or coarse, which is very suitable for preparing espresso, pouring, French pressing, chemistry, spinning, etc.
  • Environmental protection and mute] Manual grinding, no battery needed. The triangle bottle body is firmer, easier to hold and more smooth. The coffee bean grinder can effectively avoid the noise generated by the electric grinder by more than 90% and create a calm atmosphere. You never have to worry that the morning will disturb the dreams of your loved ones.

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