Zoyoleader Manual Coffee Grinders with 6 Adjustable Settings
Zoyoleader Manual Coffee Grinders with 6 Adjustable Settings

Zoyoleader Manual Coffee Grinder High Quality Ceramic Manual Coffee Grinder with 6 Adjustable Settings Lightweight Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder Suitable for office, camping, travel and outdoor

  •  ☕ [Six Innovative Setting Levels The manual coffee grinder has six fine settings so that you can set a specific grind level from coarse to fine, for example b. Espresso, power over, french bress, chemex, cold drink. For example, here are some correct grind sizes: 1-2 degrees for espresso machines, and 2-3 degrees for moka pots; 3-4 grades for casting and chemex; French pressure 4-5 degrees. For 5-6 degrees for cold brewed coffee.
  • High quality ceramic conical grinder manual coffee grinder use high quality ceramic grinding wheels for grinding. Grinding does not heat up your coffee nor does it retain the original taste of the coffee. The glass container holds approximately 48 grams of coffee powder. The coffee grinder funnel can be nearly filled. 20 grams of coffee beans can be used to grind coffee into one or two cups, along with seasonings, salt, pepper, peanuts, etc.
  • Use a manual coffee grinder to start the day. No need for batteries and grinding is quiet. It is extremely precise and easy to carry, so you can grind coffee anywhere. Make a cup of coffee for your favorite family!
  • ☕ [Small portable grinder coffee bean grinder measures 6 inches long and weighs 0.99 lbs. The hand grinding arm is easy to remove and coffee beans can be added to the funnel. You can put the treadmill in your pocket for office, camping, travel, backpacks, outdoor travel and backpacks. The portable rotary grinder should be the best choice for the coffee of your life
  • ☕ Best gift for coffee connoisseurs and coffee lovers. High quality materials, ceramic burr grinder, ensure the original taste of coffee, easy to carry, suitable for office, camping, travel, hiking, outdoor travel, backpack. Buy with confidence - If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If the package you received is missing any important parts or items, please feel free to contact us. We will return the main parts to you for free and help you solve the problem.

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