Robots enter construction projects in the UAE
Robots enter construction projects in the UAE

After robots enter construction sites in the UAE, provide meals in restaurants and remove tumors during operations, they first appeared on construction sites in the UAE.

Upon arrival in the UAE, the Jaibot semi-automatic robot (the first robot of its kind in the UAE and the GCC) is expected to be used to perform precise drilling operations.

The robot will arrive in the UAE as part of the ALEC project and has signed a contract with the European company Hilti.

The robot also sends updated reports and operational progress data to the production manager and reduces construction workers' daily workload, improving the overall efficiency.

Since the concept of artificial intelligence has become a reality, the development of robots has always been a desire for technological innovation.

In recent years, with the increasing demand for e-commerce, robots have taken their place in the hospitality and warehouse industries.

Since people want to reduce personal interactions in hotels and public places, which is part of the social distancing, the pandemic is opening up more industries for robot workers.

The manufacture of the robot came a few months after the machine produced 1,024 panels on the facade of the 7,000-storey Dubai Futuristic Museum.

In large malls in the United Arab Emirates, people have also seen devices using robots that introduce social evacuation rules, and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) has added an artificial intelligence crew. Rammas customer service team.

Panasonic launched a portable robot that humans can use to lift heavy objects earlier this month.

More than 77% of workers in the UAE said they are more willing to talk about the stress of working with robots than their managers.

Technology is already shining through in the construction industry in the United Arab Emirates, and homes in Sharjah are exclusively built using 3D printing.

Given the pace of adoption of artificial intelligence and modern machinery in the UAE, precision drilling appears to be just the beginning.

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