Samsung denies the Galaxy Note rumors
Samsung denies the Galaxy Note rumors

Samsung Electronics today (Wednesday) denied rumors that the Galaxy Note series will stop production next year, saying that the revolutionary (phablet) series will continue to exist despite the emergence of other advanced devices. .

More recently, it has been speculated that after ditching the Galaxy Note series with the S Pen functionality, Samsung can reconfigure its high-end smartphones with foldable Galaxy Z and Galaxy S devices.

A source close to Samsung's plan told Reuters that the company has no plans to develop a new version of the Galaxy Note for 2021.

An unknown Samsung employee told the Korean News Agency that we are preparing to launch the Galaxy Note series next year.

At the beginning of Wednesday, Samsung's head of cell phones (Taewen Lu) indicated that major Korean mobile phone manufacturers intend to additionally support the S-Pen in other Galaxy devices.

Industry officials believe Samsung can use the pens for the high-end models of the Galaxy S21 smartphone, which is scheduled for release in January.

Although someone claimed that Moon's previous hint indicates that Samsung is ditching the Galaxy Note series, the official has denied the speculation.

"Pointing at the moon does not mean closing the Galaxy Note series," the official said.

Samsung first launched the Galaxy Note series in 2011, and the South Korean company launched a new model of Galaxy Note 20 in the second half of the year.

Samsung has announced the following statement: Samsung has confirmed its intention to bring more of the most popular Galaxy Note features to more device classes in 2021.

She added: We are always striving to provide our customers with the best possible mobile experience and will continue to actively listen to their opinions and incorporate consumer opinions in all product innovations.

Since Samsung has not officially confirmed or rejected any of these reports, it cannot be determined whether they are correct.

Both sets of reports may be correct. There might be the Galaxy Note series next year, but it could be the last.

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