Samsung has deleted an ad mocking Apple
Samsung has deleted an ad mocking Apple

Samsung has removed an ad mocking Apple, saying Apple had not included the charger in its recent iPhone 12 series.

A Samsung Caribbean account posted a Facebook post on October 13th containing an image of the charger with the phrase: Comes with Galaxy Phone.

The announcement mentioned that Samsung phones have the best camera, battery, performance, storage, screen, and that they also have a main charger.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Samsung has pursued ridiculous practices of the past and removed fake ads from Apple.

When the Galaxy Note 10 was launched without a headphone jack, Samsung removed an ad mocking the iPhone X for not having a similar port.

Samsung has an explanation as to why avoiding wearing the headset and not including the charger could be environmentally friendly.

While the marketing department might be shy, Samsung can solve this problem better than Apple.

When Apple took the charger out of the box, the cable that came with the phone was also changed, as every previous iPhone came with a USB-A to Lightning cable, while the cable in the iPhone 12 box was USB-C. To flash.

Apple said that it has decided to remove the charger from the electronic trash, and has advised most users to have a charger.

Since previous iPhone chargers were not compatible with the cables that came with them, Apple's argument that every previous user has a charger has not worked.

Unlike Apple's Lightning cable, Samsung phones use a standard USB-C cable for charging.

This means that the cord that came with your new Samsung phone can be used with the charger that came with last year's model.

According to the reports, the world was not shocked when Apple confirmed that the iPhone 12 product line did not contain a charger, but some Android device makers did not miss the opportunity, laughing, to find out that their phones have chargers.

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