Samsung's sales are down for the first time in 9 years
Samsung's sales are down for the first time in 9 years

Samsung's cell phone sales are down to less than 300 million units this year, which means the South Korean company shipped less than 300 million units for the first time in nine years.

According to a report issued by South Korea, the company hopes to obtain these numbers in the face of the Corona virus epidemic.

Samsung plans to significantly promote foldable smartphones in 2021 while fully expanding the range of models that support low-end 5G networks.

The report indicated that Samsung's total sales by the end of the third quarter amounted to 189.4 million units, while the company's total sales for this year were estimated at 270 million units.

Samsung plans to ship 307 million phones in 2021, of which 287 million are smart phones and the rest are non-smartphones.

In addition, Samsung plans to produce a total of 49.8 million flagship phones by 2021, including the Galaxy S21 series and foldable phones.

Samsung's foldable phone could replace the company's Note series in the second half of next year.

With all the strategies in mind, Samsung cell phone shipments are expected to increase in the coming year.

The company developed a plan based on what it was before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, with signs of a gradual recovery in the global economy, and hopes to ship an additional 300 million cell phones each year.

Given Huawei's current problems, Samsung has a lot of space in the market to fill the market gap left by the United States as a result of the sanctions against Huawei.

Additionally, if it can bring cheaper 5G devices to the market, it will win that place and capture a larger share of emerging markets.

According to this report, after the Galaxy S21 series is officially launched, Samsung hopes to offer a group of phones that support 5G networks at a low price.

The South Korean company is currently developing 5G models for the Galaxy A22, Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 phones. Unlike the latest flagship models, these phones still have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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