Signal supports encrypted group video calls
Signal supports encrypted group video calls

Signal announced that the encrypted messaging app supports group video calls of up to 5 people.

The work and study conditions resulting from the Coronavirus epidemic have led to the emergence of applications supporting video conferencing this year.

Signal is now in the fray and provides a secure way to video chat with friends or colleagues.

While most people currently own their favorite video conferencing app, Signal fans love to rely on the app for conference calls as well.

In the past few months, other video conferencing applications (such as Zoom) have also encountered a number of security issues.

One of the concerns users raised about Zoom is that it doesn't include end-to-end encryption as it claims to have had this feature since 2016, and the point is that the feature was introduced this year.

Click the video call button at the top of any supported group chat to initiate a group call.

The company said: Calls are encrypted, like anything else in Signal, all the time.

By default, participants are shown in a grid. However, you can scroll up to get a focused view of the current speaker.

Given its five limit, Signal will not replace video conferencing services like Zoom in the short term. However, the company announced that it will increase the maximum number of subscribers to calls over time. time.

Group video calling is available for Android and iOS apps and is currently limited to the new Signal group video calls and will not appear in the old IM.

Signal relaunched a new group chat feature in October, adding support for tagging of people, group managers, and more granular permissions.

The company wrote on a blog: Conference calling is one of the many features that we have developed with special signal groups as a basis for this function. We use RingRTC to manage encryption and call settings and how to access them.

Signal said that the old chat method will be upgraded to the new chat method in the next few weeks.

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