Snapchat launches new Bitmoji Paint game
Snapchat launches new Bitmoji Paint game

Snap launched Bitmoji Paint, a new game in the Snapchat messaging app that allows hundreds of players to come together at the same time to contribute to a massive pool.

Bitmoji Paint, designed by Snap Games Studio, introduces a new type of game to Snapchatters, and Snapchatters are now spending more time playing the games provided in the app.

Last June, Snap announced that it has played games for over 100 million players since its launch in April 2019. You can now use Bitmoji Paint to enjoy a new multiplayer experience.

Players can create an avatar called Bitmojis and use it in Bitmoji Paint. Players enter the game via Snapchat's chat function or search for games in the app. You can see a planet with several islands floating in space. Each island represents a server and players can join hundreds of other real players. When the player chooses an island to join, it will be placed on the ground, which can change color.

Players can draw, explore, and run by switching between three modes: Sports, Sketch, and Maps. You can meet other Snapchatters too, but only with the emoji list to contact them. Snapchatters cannot view other players' Snapshot IDs.

The Snap icon can also be used to customize the Bitmoji Paint experience for Android users. Snap Token is a digital product that can be purchased and stored in a virtual wallet linked to a Snapchat account.

The Symbol Store (accessed from the Bitmoji Paint app or the game's user profile page) is the primary site where Snapchatters can purchase Snapchatters. With Snap Token, you can buy skate shoes, snowboards, paints, or paint rollers.

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