Tesla is converting your electric car into a portable audio system
Tesla is converting your electric car into a portable audio system

Tesla has released a new software update that will allow car owners to use the new Boombox mode to convert their cars to portable audio systems and make other improvements.

(Elon Musk) Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has been keen to get customers rolling out new updates that are expected to be delivered to Tesla's fleet by air by the end of 2020.

Probably the most significant new feature in the 2020.48.26 update is the boombox mode, with which custom audio can be transmitted outside the vehicle via the car's external speakers.

Boombox allows car owners to use custom sounds in place of the normal sounds that car horns usually produce.

Tesla wrote in its patch notes: Turn your car into a portable audio system and enjoy the entertainment by playing media. You can also customize the car sound when you trumpet, drive or use Summon.

After Tesla added a pedestrian warning system to the Model 3 to meet regulatory requirements for electric vehicles in the US and Europe, Musk was eager to see the feature.

Last year, Tesla released an updated version of the Model 3 to create audible sounds that are triggered when the vehicle is moving slowly or reversing (up to 30 km / h).

After Tesla had to add a controversial system among electric vehicle owners, it decided to use amplifiers to develop this new feature.

The new software update also includes several other features that allow car owners to play and park three new games - Polytopia Battle, Cat Quest and Solitaire -.

The update also includes a smarter scheduled departure time that can be used to prepare the battery and cabin even when your car is not connected.

Driving Visualization now provides better visualization and has been updated so that the driver can see more information about the perimeter of the road, while the touchscreen stylus pen can show the number of wings available at the loading site.

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