The leak confirms the release date of AirPods 3 ... Here are the details
The leak confirms the release date of AirPods 3 ... Here are the details

Apple's series of AirPods wireless earbuds have proven themselves popular enough with consumers. Hence, the launch of the third generation AirPods 3 in 2021 is of great importance, but the exact date is not yet clear as the end of this year approaches. It witnessed many corporate events that featured many new and updated products, as well as many drivers.

All the details

There is a new Twitter account leak (LeaksApplePro) showing that Apple may release AirPods 3 in March, and the account mostly has a record of forecasts for specific periods of time, such as predicting the iPhone 12 release date.

Regarding the release date of the leaked third-generation AirPods, this date appears to be confirmed and in line with the analysis by the trusted analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo) on appleinsider who predicted that the AirPods 3 will be in the first half of 2021. Published, but it appears That LeaksApplePro's tweet is more specific.

Regarding the design of the upcoming AirPods 3, a Bloomberg report stated that it will come with a design very similar to the AirPods Pro, but it will lose some features such as active noise cancellation with the joystick. Shorter, which means it comes with a smaller charging case.

The smaller size does not necessarily mean that battery life will decrease, as reports indicate that Apple is working hard to improve listening time, as the company announced that the company obtained a patent for a new audio system last summer. Turn down the volume if there is a potential danger near you. This feature also allows you to find a way for upcoming AirPods 3.

The next version of the operating system (iOS 14.3) is expected to support some other functions of AirPods wireless headphones, such as: For example, Dolby Atmos and spatial audio will be available. Wireless headphones features short list.

It is worth noting that Apple announced yesterday (Tuesday) the launch of the AirPods Max (AirPods Max). Similar to the AirPods Pro, Apple has applied transparency and spatial sound mode to the new AirPods Max.

Apple claims that even with active noise cancellation and spatial audio turned on, battery life is still up to 20 hours, and when the headphones are in the box, the headphones turn on. Low consumption condition; To save battery power.

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