The Touch ID sensor could return to iPhone in 2021
The Touch ID sensor could return to iPhone in 2021

Trusted Apple News analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has repeatedly stated that the company is developing an iPhone with a fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) integrated into the power button and plans to launch it in 2021. These were low-quality, not high-end phones.

In September last year, Apple released the fourth-generation iPad Air tablet, which has a Touch ID sensor built into the power button, which the company described at the time as "impressive technical performance". This appears to pave the way for the iPhone's return to Touch ID without taking up any space on the front of the phone.

In addition, Kuo expects that Apple will develop an iPhone with a Face ID sensor and a fingerprint sensor under the screen, which will be launched in 2021. This may apply to higher iPhone models such as: (iPhone 13 Pro) iPhone 13 Pro and (iPhone 13 Pro) Max) iPhone 13 Pro Max.

It is believed that the combination of the Face ID sensors and Touch ID on the iPhone can perform two-factor authentication. This can increase security by requiring multiple authentication methods. However, Apple can also allow users to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID, whichever is faster. Two types of authentication can help Apple fix the shortcomings of these two methods; B. Wear a mask with facial recognition or gloves with Touch ID.

Along with the Touch ID sensor, the iPhone 13 should offer a 120Hz refresh rate, A15 processor and improved rear view camera functionality for ultra-wide recordings.

Apple may be planning to release the iPhone 13 in September 2021 to revert to the traditional iPhone release schedule in September. That year, iPhone 13 was released in September this year due to delayed production that year. From September to October last year.

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