8BitDo introduces a stylish and stylish controller for the Switch
8BitDo introduces a stylish and stylish controller for the Switch

8BitDo is best known for its budget gaming consoles and classic design, but its latest product is more ambitious. The wireless joystick for the Nintendo Switch and the PC 8BitDo Arcade Stick is $ 89.99.

The joystick can be quite pricey with Hori selling licensed PlayStation models for $ 199.99, while the newer 8BitDo controllers can still be accepted at current prices.

The joystick was developed specifically for the Nintendo Switch and PC. The buttons are called red LEDs, and they turn on and off depending on the location.

The visual design of the joystick features a gray, red and black color scheme offset by the brightly colored round buttons in the corners.

The compact size and wireless connectivity make it easy to place anywhere. However, the design is elegant enough to sit at the coffee table for a while.

There are three ways to connect the joystick: a 2.4GHz USB dongle, Bluetooth, and a USB-C cable. The dongle can be placed on the back of the joystick.

In wireless mode, the battery life is also long, and 8BitDo said use of the dongle should be 40 hours and use of bluetooth 30 hours.

In terms of gaming feel, 8BitDo can't be used as an advanced option due to the price, but it can still play.

The partially swapped stick is safe to click and the button is fixed. If you want to dive into the rabbit hole to customize the wand, you can change it up as well.

The 8BitDo joystick products are very useful to most Switch or PC Joystick users and are relatively inexpensive.

The 8BitDo Arcade Stick boasts a stylish design and user-friendly features, making it an easy way to get into the joystick's action.

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