Alibaba is shutting down the Xiami Music Streaming app
Alibaba is shutting down the Xiami Music Streaming app

Next month, Alibaba Group will shut down its music streaming platform in Xiamen, an initiative that marks its ambition to enter the Chinese entertainment industry.

In a notice to users, Xiaami said: The music app was launched in 2008 and streaming services are discontinued today.

Alibaba acquired music services in 2013 and invested millions of dollars to compete in the Tencent-dominated Chinese online music market.

The app currently accounts for only 2% of the Chinese music streaming market, behind KuGou Music, QQ Music, KuWo and NetEase Cloud Music.

Xiaami is known for its smart discoveries, elegant design, social characteristics, and support for independent musicians who help attract large numbers of loyal art lovers to China.

The onset of the decline coincided with a row over music rights in China. The digital music giant was founded in 2016 when Tencent acquired a controlling stake in China Music Group and Tencent brought in a range of exclusive music chords.

In 2017, Tencent's music app dominated 75% of the Chinese music streaming market.

Shyami lost many of the rights to the music, which resulted in large numbers of users moving to a resource-rich competitive platform.

Alibaba also had an opportunity for online music as the e-commerce giant hired a songwriter and CEO of a music company to lead its new music collection in 2015.

They didn't develop X Miami, they invested resources in a platform called "Alibaba Planet" to create a relationship between artists and fans, but this idea was not necessary.

Meanwhile, newcomers like NetEase Music continue to struggle with Tencent's music empire, and Tencent's music empire continues to this day.

The notice shows that users will not be able to access the app and all of its data, but X Miami has yet to fully complete it because the copyrighted portion of Conch Music is still working.

The music division of the Chinese e-commerce giant said on Tuesday via its Weibo account, "In light of the operational adjustments, we will discontinue the Xia Mi service." He added that the closure will take place on February 5, 2012 after the first appearance.

However, closing the application does not mean the end of Alibaba's participation in the online broadcast market. In September 2019, the company invested $ 700 million in NetEase Music (a competitor of Xiaami).

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