Anker competes with AirPods Pro over the Liberty Air 2 Pro
Anker competes with AirPods Pro over the Liberty Air 2 Pro

Anker, with its Soundcore brand, has a reputation for providing affordable wireless headphones and now offers the Liberty Air 2 Pro headphones for $ 130.

In addition to traditional wireless headphones, the company offers dozens of options, including designs that range from AirPod-like headphones to earbuds.

Liberty Air 2 Pro updated version of Liberty Air 2, price $ 80, new model design is similar to previous version.

The touch panel on the outside of the speakerphone accepts gestures like play, pause, skip tracks, volume control, etc. These requests can also be customized in the company app.

Anker uses so-called PureNote technology in conjunction with an 11mm tweeter to achieve crisp, clear sound at all frequencies.

Liberty Air 2 Pro focuses on sound quality and multi-mode active noise reduction (ANC) and offers three modes for different situations: transport mode, indoor mode, and outdoor mode.

In each mode, the blocked frequencies are tuned by the ANC to achieve the best settings for each situation, while in the transmission mode, it blocks the low frequencies, while in the indoor mode the mid-range, for example B - the sound in the office, is the best reduction.

In addition, transparent mode has two functions to improve surround sound: one that delivers full transparency, and the other pays more attention to sound.

Anker said the Liberty Air 2 Pro should have seven hours of battery life when the ANC is off or six hours when it's powered on.

When the ANC is fully charged and powered off, it has a total of 26 hours working time. When the ANC is on, it has a total of 21 hours of work and can charge the case with a single charge of Wireless USB-C or Qi.

After ten minutes of charging, you can work for 2 hours with Anker fast-charging technology.

Thanks to its IPX4 water resistance, you will have no problem using it during your workout. Nine sets of silicone earbuds can help you find the most comfortable way to wear them.

Thanks to the six microphone noise canceling technology, Anker can provide great sound quality when making calls.

The Liberty Air 2 Pro is available in four colors: black, white, blue, and pink for $ 129.99.

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