Apple and Amazon suspend Parler Social Network
Apple and Amazon suspend Parler Social Network

Apple and Amazon have suspended Talking Social Network from their app store and web hosting service.

Both companies stated that social media services are popular with many right-wing social media users, but they did not take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of messages inciting violence.

The actions taken by Apple and Amazon are similar to those taken by Google.

Many supporters of US President (Donald Trump) prefer the social network Talking as it is seen as a safe haven to kick people off the Twitter platform.

Apple said in a statement on Saturday: We have always endorsed the differing opinions on the App Store, but there is no threat of violence and illegal activity on our platform and Talking has not taken appropriate measures to deal with these threats. It spreads for the safety of people. So, please visit the App Store before you stop to fix these issues.

Apple offered a detailed 24-hour social media monitoring schedule. Participants used the service to coordinate the blockade of the US Capitol Building on Wednesday.

Amazon's decision led to the complete shutdown of the social network, unless a new company was found to host its services.

Amazon Parler has been suspended for failing to deal effectively with the ongoing increase in violent content violating AWS Terms of Service.

According to the AWS team's email message to the social network, the exposure was a real public safety risk from speaking.

In line with AWS's Acceptable Use Policy, customers must not use their services for any purpose that is unlawful, malicious, fraudulent, fraudulent, or offensive.

CEO Parler (John Matze) criticized Amazon, Google, and Apple: due to our limited options and if we build from scratch, social media may not be available online for a week. Coordination of efforts.

In addition to Speak, right-wing social media users have also flocked to the messaging app Telegram and social networking site Gab, citing strict censorship of political commentary on the major platforms.

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