Apple fails to overturn the VirnetX patent provision
Apple fails to overturn the VirnetX patent provision

A federal judge rejected Apple's proposal to sidestep or reduce the $ 502.8 million patent infringement ruling against VirnetX, which in both cases could total over $ 1.1 billion to Apple.

Apple failed to reduce the amount owed to VirnetX in the patent infringement fee as the iPhone maker lost the lawsuit and requested a $ 502.8 million cancellation or reduction.

In a ruling issued on Friday, US District Court Judge Robert Schroeder of Tyler, Texas, rejected Apple's retrial request and several other proposals.

This includes the fact that the amount payable for VirnetX should not exceed $ 113.7 million and the jury must be informed that the US Patent and Trademark Office considers VirnetX's claims to be patented.

Last October, a jury ruled that Apple had violated two VirnetX patents relating to secure networks and that the VPNs were being used by many iPhone and iPad owners.

In every lawsuit brought by VirnetX against Apple, a jury decided: FaceTime, iMessage, and VPN On-Demand functions infringe VirnetX's communications security patents.

The judge also awarded a return of 84 cents per unit for future violations, reflecting the rate set by the jury.

Apple said future sales are expected to be zero or no more than 19 cents per unit.

Apple and VirnetX have been fighting patent lawsuits for over a decade, and they were first introduced in 2010.

In March of this year, Apple paid VirnetX $ 454 million after the US Supreme Court refused to hear Apple's appeal on patent proceedings.

Apple said in the lawsuit that was filed on Dec. 18 that compensation payments could increase to $ 1.116 billion in both cases.

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