Apple is reducing iPhone 12 mini production to support iPhone 12 Pro
Apple is reducing iPhone 12 mini production to support iPhone 12 Pro

According to the latest investment report from investment bank Morgan Stanley, Apple has reduced production of the iPhone 12 Mini by 2 million units to increase the production capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro.

Morgan Stanley's investment report also confirmed reports that total iPhone 12 series sales were higher than expected.

While sales of the iPhone 12 mini in particular are disappointing, reviews indicate that Apple is still struggling to meet demand for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple is believed to have made the change in the first quarter of 2021 to shorten the additional delivery time for the most popular iPhone 12 Pro.

The tip reads: iPhone 12 Pro's delivery time is still quite long and has surpassed all models released in the past four years.

And she added: As Apple ramps up production of the iPhone 12, the estimated delivery time has been reduced from about 22 days to about two weeks. Recently, production of iPhone 12 mini was reduced by 2 million units and production of iPhone 12 Pro increased to 2 million units in the March quarter.

The previous analysis confirms that iPhone 12 mini sales are low, with the iPhone 12 mini accounting for only 6% of all iPhone 12 sales during the launch phase.

The report also highlights that the classic iPhone 12 models are likely to sell better in China than in the US. IPhone shipments in the first quarter increased 47% year-over-year. December hit an 18-month high of 20.3%.

This is largely due to the iPhone 12 lineup, which for the first full month after its launch received the largest proven base of any iPhone launched in China in the past four years.

Apple's supply chain performance in Taiwan shows sales growth for the third month in a row compared to last year and the third month in a row from the fastest growth since the season.

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