Artificial intelligence describes photos on Facebook more intelligently
Artificial intelligence describes photos on Facebook more intelligently

Every picture posted on Facebook will get comment by AI image analysis and the comment will become more intelligent.

It is not easy for the visually impaired to get online. Although there are screen reading apps that can help, websites or users do not usually add alt text to images, which makes it difficult for readers to describe user images.

The enhanced system should be a treatment for the visually impaired and can help you find images faster in the future.

Alt text is a field in an image's metadata that describes its content so that people who cannot see the image can understand the image.

These descriptions are usually added manually by photographers or editors, but people who upload photos via social media usually don't care.

Since the technology has improved enough over the past few years, the relatively new feature of creating automatic descriptions has become very useful in making social media platforms more accessible.

In 2016, Facebook developed an automated alt text system that takes advantage of machine learning. Since then, the team has made a number of improvements to make it faster and more detailed.

The latest update provides an option to create more detailed descriptions as needed, so that the improved system can recognize objects and objects ten times more than it did in the beginning and with greater detail.

The description contains more details, but it may not always be relevant because AI indicates the relative positions of people and things.

The updated template can easily identify objects such as activities in the image, landmarks, and animal species, and the new template can also tell you whether a person is in the foreground or behind in the scene.

When viewers want more detail, they can take a closer look or click on the image for a larger version, while those who cannot now use similar options can use the Make Description command. Image details. "

Facebook's new detail description function was released for testing for the first time. The improved vocabulary will be posted on Instagram soon.

The description is also kept simple so that it can be easily translated into the other languages ​​supported by the app, although the feature may not be available in other countries at the same time.

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