Biden wants to replace the government fleet with electric cars
Biden wants to replace the government fleet with electric cars

With the new administration focusing on clean energy, US President Joe Biden has pledged to replace about 650,000 US government cars with electric vehicles.

"The federal government has a huge fleet and we're replacing it with clean electric vehicles made by American workers here in the United States," Biden said.

Biden criticized the current rule that cars purchased by the US government are considered US-made even if they contain large amounts of non-US components.

Biden said: It filled a void that allowed foreigners to produce major parts of American cars such as engines, steel and glass.

There is no information on when Biden plans to replace the existing vehicles, and the replacement fleet could cost $ 20 billion or more.

Biden's "Buy America" ​​Executive Order, issued Monday, does not provide for the purchase of electric cars.

In 2019, the US government had 645,000 vehicles, including 245,000 civilian vehicles, 173,000 military vehicles, and 225,000 postal vehicles.

According to the GSA, these cars have driven about 7.2 billion kilometers and consumed 1.42 billion liters of gasoline and diesel in 2019.

The agency said: The US government spent $ 4.4 billion on federal vehicle costs in 2019.

According to the General Administration of Services, only 3,215 U.S. government vehicles were electric vehicles as of July 2020.

During the campaign, Biden made a major federal commitment to buying clean cars for the Federal Park.

He also pledged 1 million new jobs in the US auto industry, the national auto supply chain, and auto infrastructure, from parts and materials to electric vehicle charging stations.

Biden supports new consumer discounts to replace older, less efficient cars with new electric cars.

To encourage manufacturers to build or renovate factories to assemble electric cars and parts, Biden pledged to build 550,000 charging stations and invest more in clean energy research.

The United States Postal Service is one of the federal agencies that may introduce new, zero-emission vehicles.

Recent reports indicate that hundreds of Northrop Grumman mail delivery trucks have been set ablaze in the past few years.

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