Chrome 88 makes it easy to manage and change passwords
Chrome 88 makes it easy to manage and change passwords

Google has released a new update to the Chrome 88 Browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux that adds personal security features to make online users more secure.

The new version also improves support for dark mode while removing support for FTP and Adobe Flash Player. See Windows and Chrome OS for dark mode improvements.

Light and dark mode has been improved for Chrome OS, and updated functionality of the app launcher, quick settings, and other parts of the Chrome OS have been provided.

Information indicates that Chrome 88 has improved Windows 10's dark mode and displays the slider in dark mode.

Currently, dark mode is only available for Settings, Bookmarks, History, and New Tab in Chrome 88, not all dark themed websites.

Google removed some of the old networking technologies in Chrome 88 because this new release officially disabled FTP, removing support for the protocol that had been used to send files over the network for decades.

In the last few years, it was first blocked and then deactivated. Adobe Flash Player was completely removed from Adobe 88 in Chrome 88. Since Adobe ended technology support on December 31, removing Flash Player from the browser has been marked as the end of the era.

Google is also testing new features for its browsers, such as: for example, the Tabbed Search feature for Windows, Mac and Linux users, which can be accessed through Chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-search.

If you use Chrome's built-in password manager, there are now other options that you can use to check for weak passwords by sorting the accounts that need updating.

Additionally, Google offers users the option to update any password that Chrome manages. This feature should now be available via the desktop and iOS version before it is released for Android in the near future.

The company said it may want to easily update multiple usernames and passwords in one place. That's why, starting with Chrome 88, you can manage all passwords faster and faster. Simply in Chrome settings.

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