Computers are growing faster in a decade
Computers are growing faster in a decade

The PC was supposed to be dead 10 years ago, but it has just experienced its fastest growth in a decade.

Market research firm Canalys reports PC shipments totaled 297 million units in 2020, an increase of 11% from 2019.

Market research firm IDC estimates that PC shipments will reach 302 million units by 2020, an increase of 13.1% from the previous year.

Market research firm Gartner also agrees that 2020 is a big year for computers and the fastest growing year since 2010.

Due to the demand from the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, PC shipments have increased, and delivery bottlenecks make it difficult to purchase new laptops in the middle of the year and mid-year order will continue until 2020.

IDC said: Demand is driving the PC market. All indications are that this growth still has a long way to go. While work at home and remote learning have been the main drivers, people are also turning to PC and laptop entertainment.

She added: The apparent driver of growth over the past year has been the demand for work from home and distance learning, but the strength of the consumer market cannot be ignored. .

Throughout 2020, other signs indicate that PC shipments have increased as Microsoft announced the return of PCs at the start of the pandemic and after reporting 1 billion Windows 10 users, the company has also seen a significant increase in usage from Windows. .

Due to pandemics and the increasing demand for PCs, Microsoft has also revamped its Windows 10X plan.

Windows 10X was originally supposed to run on two-screen devices, but the company now plans to share it with single-screen laptops.

Computers have played a major role in how companies can quickly digitize or how employees can continue working remotely in 2020.

Canalys said: “In the past year, the world has achieved an unprecedented digital transformation, and computers have always been at the center of that change. As with computers a few years ago, some of us find it very difficult to disconnect from these devices.

"We said a long time ago that there was no post-PC era. 2020 will prove the value of laptops and desktops."

Canalys and IDC agree Lenovo is the best-selling PC company in 2020, followed by HP, followed by Dell and Dell. Apple has also seen impressive growth, with shipments up 17%. According to IDC estimates, it's up to 29%.

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