Discover the prototype of the S with an updated design
Discover the prototype of the S with an updated design

The design of the Tesla Model S hasn't changed much since 2016, but this vehicle appears to need an update.

A prototype of the Model S that looked like a restyling was discovered while visiting Palo Alto near Tesla headquarters.

Lots of rumors have surfaced in the past few months that this could be a design update for the Model S and Model X, especially since Tesla announced that the Model S Plaid will make many important changes. .

Information from December shows that Tesla significantly increased its delivery schedule and European prices for the Model S and Model X in March.

Tesla recently extended the production suspension of the Model S and Model X to early January, leading some people to believe the automaker is updating its production lines to produce new versions of electric cars.

Tesla is making major interior design updates for the 2018 S and X models, slated for summer 2019.

With Tesla focusing all the resources on ramping up production of the Model 3, the update has been delayed and many people now think it is time for Tesla to update the design of both models. .

According to the video, the car has undergone several modifications, including a wider body, a new rear spoiler, chrome removal in most places, new headlights and even slightly updated wheels, although it has l'Air It and is very similar to the Arachnid - Bicycles. you are here.

Since the car has the manufacturer's registration number, it is clear that the prototype has an updated design and is not caused by external changes, but it is not clear if it is a prototype for a new version of the Model S with an updated design or just one Model S new prototype from Plaid. It is not expected to start in the second half of this year.

Tesla (Tesla) has a long history between design and technological change. After the April 2016 update, autopilot equipment will be available for approximately six months.

The absence of a gift and other attempts to hide the design shows that you may not have to wait long if it refers to a new design, even if there aren't many functional changes. That could be a big change.


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