Duracell does not pay Microsoft to use its batteries
Duracell does not pay Microsoft to use its batteries

According to a new report, Microsoft's Xbox controller is still using AA batteries due to a permanent contract with (Duracell) Duracell.

The title featured an interview with Duracell's UK Marketing Director (Luke Anderson) in which it was stated that Duracell and Xbox have always had a collaborative relationship that is a strong business between Duracell and Microsoft.

After Anderson's speech, several media outlets reported why Microsoft continues to use AA batteries to power some wireless controllers.

In the eyes of many people, this means that the above transaction is the only reason Xbox uses AA batteries for the joystick, and some believe that this fact may change once the transaction is complete.

The Xbox console ships with Duracell batteries, and Xbox has entered into a contract with battery manufacturers through a partner program run by Duracell. However, this appears to be a byproduct of Microsoft's decision to use AA batteries.

A Microsoft spokesperson has denied this: We intend to provide consumers with battery options for standard wireless controllers.

Because of this, the spokesperson said, the standard Xbox wireless controller continues to use AA batteries instead of building batteries in stock.

This includes using any type of AA battery, Xbox rechargeable battery, partner provided charging solution, or USB-C cables that can be used to power the joystick when connected to a console or PC.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Microsoft has mentioned its decision to use AA batteries for some wireless controllers.

(Jason Ronald) Xbox Partner Program Director Jason Ronald said in April that many Xbox owners still enjoy using batteries.

Microsoft said in 2018 that the standard controllers are battery based because the company loves to add options to its gameplay.

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