Edge Browser gets the much awaited sync feature
Edge Browser gets the much awaited sync feature

Microsoft has enabled this feature to sync browsing history and open tabs in Microsoft Edge browser.

Almost a year after its first release, some Microsoft Edge users are now seeing the feature to sync their entire browsing history and open tabs in the browser.

Deployment is done step by step. You can go to "Settings"> "Profiles"> "Sync" option, enable browsing history and open the "Options" tab to view features in your country / region whether they are usable or not.

Synchronous add-ons are not available in all countries and the UK appears to be one of the first markets to see simultaneous browsing history and open tabs.

With these new features, Microsoft Edge users can sync any webpage they visit with Windows 10 or macOS devices, and even with mobile versions of Android and iOS browsers.

Also, on any devices using Microsoft Edge, you will need to go to the settings section to enable the feature to manually sync browser history and open tabs, which includes the portable version.

Microsoft initially launched its Chromium-based browser on January 15, 2020, but it hasn't enabled many of the major sync options.

Microsoft Edge allows you to sync passwords and bookmarks and send open websites from mobile devices to computers.

However, Microsoft's new browser lacks features that Chrome users are familiar with, such as: B. Synchronizing browsing history and opening tabs.

The sync add-on came in May, and Microsoft initially promised that rolling out the feature would result in syncing browsing history and opening tabs in the summer.

The ability to sync browser history and open tabs was provided through the browser beta channel at the end of November and is now included in the stable version.

Changes are made from the server side, so users don't have to take action to get new functionality.

Microsoft is constantly improving its browser and recently added a useful screenshot tool and price comparison feature. Microsoft Edge also quickly refreshed vertical tabs and new notifications to crack the password. .

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