Facebook has removed the Like button from the public page
Facebook has removed the Like button from the public page

Social media company Facebook said on Wednesday it had removed the "Like" button from redesigned public pages used by artists, public figures and brands.

The company explained that the Facebook page displays followers only and there is a special news feed through which users can join conversations, interact with colleagues and interact with fans.

Facebook has been talking about a new change: We're removing the "Like" button and focusing on Followers to simplify the way people communicate with the pages they love.

The social network today announced major changes to the Facebook page experience for writers and public figures, including new look and feel, updated navigation, and personal news feeds. New question and answer format to attract fans, tools, and other ideas.

The company's plan to overhaul the public aspect was first announced last summer when the company began testing the refreshed look with a host of celebrities, including actors, writers, and celebrities. Creative follows the English language advertising website.

Facebook said today: The new experience will officially appear on all public pages in the coming months.

One of the major changes to the design of the new public page is the removal of the "Like" button as this mimics the page's true popularity.

Many Facebook users liked the page, but later unsubscribed from the page to remove their updates from the feed because the following items were out of their interests or they liked the page as a service to friends after receiving the request, but they refused to get the update.

Facebook now says: Page subscribers will be a new experience barometer as they can better determine how many people like you are receiving page updates.

The public page also receives its news feed. This is another big change. This means that the site itself can be used as a public figure or brand to initiate conversations, follow trends, and engage with them. masses.

The personalized news feed also includes suggestions for public pages or characters, as well as characters, pages, groups, and other popular content.

When you follow a page, their comments will appear in other people's posts at the top of the comments section, giving you better visibility and a clearer blue checkmark indicating that the page has been reviewed.

Facebook said: Others can follow the page directly from the comments and featured posts.

The platform introduces a new question-and-answer format that will improve the site's interaction with fans.

Subscribers can ask questions about a topic on the page. When the page responds, users can scroll through these questions for more information.

This is useful for companies that want to answer common questions in different ways so that the sponsors know the creators they love.

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