Galaxy SmartTag ... the next product from Samsung
Galaxy SmartTag ... the next product from Samsung

Samsung seems to be about to launch a new Tile-like lost item tracker called Galaxy SmartTag.

The South Korean giant introduced the SmartThings Find feature at the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 series and explained how its new app can more accurately find compatible Galaxy products.

The tracker was leaked last month and there is speculation that it could launch with the Galaxy S21 in late January.

Galaxy SmartTag uses Bluetooth to connect to nearby devices and broadcast their location so that the owner can find the lost device connected to the tracker.

According to government regulations, incoming devices are powered by replaceable round batteries, so you don't have to throw away the device and buy a new one when the battery is running out.

Samsung tracker looks very similar to tile tracker. A leak revealed that the shape of the Galaxy SmartTag is a small square with rounded corners and that there is a hole on one of the edges for connecting the keychain.

The photo of the device in the hands of the Taiwan Communications Regulatory Agency has been released. The model number is EI-T5300, which corresponds to the description of the tool revealed by the app. Samsung SmartThings.

Two years ago, the company released an LTE-enabled tracker under the SmartThings brand. It makes sense to use the SmartThings Find feature on the next tracker.

Trackers used in smart products usually have Bluetooth connectivity. However, Samsung can add more connectivity features like UWB, LTE, and GPS in its next tracker, especially since it launched in 2018. It has LTE network and built-in GPS tracker.

There are also rumors that Apple is developing a product tracker. If both devices are sold at the same time, there will be two major new competitors in a year.

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