Geely and Baidu work together to make electric cars
Geely and Baidu work together to make electric cars

The Chinese search engine giant Baidu said on Monday: The company is preparing to start a company to enter a partnership with Geely, the automaker, to make smart electric cars. This is the technology company's latest move into a growing field. Quickly.

This new electric vehicle business will build on Baidu's intelligent driving skills and Geely's automotive expertise, said Baidu, which develops autonomous driving technology and internet connectivity infrastructure.

Baidu stated that Geely will also become a strategic investor in the new company, which will become an independent subsidiary of Baidu.

Reuters reported that Baidu drew up a plan for a smart electric car company with the help of Geely last week.

Sources told Reuters: "Baidu will have an absolute majority stake in the new company, and Geely will have a minority stake."

Geely said in another statement on Monday: This cooperation is based on the Geely electric vehicle platform.

After Tesla (Tesla Inc.) successfully promoted electric cars, Baidu's move comes at a time when many tech companies around the world struggle to develop smart cars.

Sources told Reuters last month that Apple was planning to develop electric cars and batteries with the goal of its possible launch in 2024.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (Alibaba) has set up a joint venture of electric cars with China's leading auto maker SAIC Motor, while Chinese Didi Chuxing is producing joint ventures with BYD Auto. Electric cars for automobile use.

Baidu established the autonomous driving division in Apollo in 2017, which provides AI technology and works with automakers such as Geely, Volkswagen, Toyota and Ford.

Baidu has independent Go Robotaxi taxi services in Beijing, Changsha and Cangzhou, which is equipped with security drivers, and plans to expand to 30 cities within three years.

The company won approval last week to test five safe driverless cars in Beijing.

Baidu's automaker plan may boost the concept of software-defined cars, but Baidu's auto industry's success also depends on government support, lower equipment costs and customer demand.

And all automakers need to transform themselves into technology-driven companies where smart connectivity plays a bigger role.

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